Facebook SEO: The Definitive Guide to Facebook Search (so far)

by on November 30, 2010

In the past, Facebook was about optimizing a ‘fan’ page or encouraging people to share content on Facebook via Facebook Connect or through a Facebook Application. The goal was to get into the news feed for as many users as possible or to create a Facebook presence that engaged users.

With the implementation of the Open Graph, the focus of your Facebook efforts should shift to search engine optimization. This isn’t about optimizing your ‘fan’ page to appear in Google search results, but instead is about optimizing your own site and pages to appear in Facebook search results.

This is a brand new emerging area but one which brings a huge number of opportunities for your website in front of a whole new audience.

It takes a little bit of technical fiddling – installation of Facebook’s Open Graph tags on your site, plus implementation of Facebook’s Like button.

But it’s then possible for your site to appear in searches undertaken on Facebook itself, even though your site is outside Facebook itself.

Exciting stuff.

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