Results-focused, friendly online marketing consultants who speak your language

About Us

Your dependable, flexible online marketing partner

Hi, we’re Dave and Gareth, collectively called Woof. We’re two friendly online marketing consultants based in Hull, UK. We’ve worked on the web for over 15 years each. We know exactly how to attract the right visitors to your website and increase your leads, enquiries, revenue and profits. Want to work with us?

Grow your business – We employ effective online marketing and web design strategies to attract new customers and boost your leads and enquiries. We’re driven by your growth and your results.

No tie-ins – You won’t be asked to sign a fixed-term contract. We’re flexible and transparent. You decide when you want our help and how much you want to spend.

Small and focused – Unlike large agencies, we focus on doing one thing really, really well. We’re intentionally small, agile, fast and adaptable.

Vast experience – We’ve each worked in web design and marketing for over 15 years. We know exactly what works, and we stay abreast of all the latest developments.

Long term value – Our data-driven approach to marketing provides measurable ROI, increased sales and reduced costs, for many years to come.

Ethical marketing – No tricks, no shady techniques. Our marketing is fully rounded and holistic, not short-sighted. We’re interested in long-term results, not short-term gains.

Expert help, only when you need it

We pride ourselves on being a small and friendly consultancy.

We call in specialised help where we need to. A small group of trusted experts we’ve worked with for years, in the form of designers, copywriters and programmers. As required.

You get the best of both worlds – highly specialist online marketing and web design support, with exactly the additional skills you need to meet your business goals. No waste, no fluff.

How we work

We don’t take on all the work that comes our way. We’re definitely not the best fit for everyone. Our relationships with our clients are very important to us. We like to work with people we like. Are we a good match? Read on…

We work from home

We don’t work in a corporate office environment. It’s not for us.

We both work from home, which suits us very well indeed. We have very little overheads. This keeps us lean, cost-effective and adaptable. If you need an agency with the fancy office and suit-wearing corporate types… we’re not your guys.

We like nice people

We’re lucky to work with lovely clients who are fun to work with, respect our time and who we class as friends. If you like us (we’re pretty likeable) and we like you, we’ll do great work together.

We don’t do meetings

Some people are very fond of meetings. We’re not.

Yes, it’s definitely great to meet face-to-face at the start of a project. It’s a good way to get to know each other and see if we’re compatible. However, these days, there’s very little need to meet in person.

Most meetings are a waste of time. Add up the travel time, the fuel expenses, the small talk and the very short bit of productive time… What could have been achieved with a phone call or a quick email has turned into at least half a day. If 4 people are in the meeting, that’s 2 days gone!

Meetings don’t make good business sense. We’d much rather spend that time furthering your business.

We value quality of life

We value our quality of life and we value yours. When we work, we work very hard. But we stay creative and productive by fiercely protecting our spare time – time for our hobbies, our families. We mostly work the usual office hours, but occasionally (as long as we don’t have a promised deadline), if the sun’s out and the skies are blue, we’ll take the opportunity to go out and enjoy it.

We’re responsive and get back to emails and phone calls as quickly as possible. But if you have a mission-critical need for a response 24/7, we’re not a good fit.

We don’t pitch

Thinking of sending an RFP or asking us to be part of a pitching process against other agencies? Don’t bother. We don’t do pitches.

Don’t get us wrong: we’ll be delighted to chat all day long about your business and your project. We’ll be equally happy to write a short and to-the-point proposal. But if you require 15+ hours of our time writing detailed pitching documents, endless rounds of presentations and jumping through hoops… we’ll pass, with thanks.

We like to move quickly

We understand our clients are very busy running their businesses. One of the reasons they hire us is to free up their time. As much as we would love to be able to simply ‘go away and get on with it’, the nature of what we do often requires timely feedback, collaboration or responses from you.

We get the best results working with clients who respond in a timely manner and stick to deadlines we agree together. If you can do that, we’ll get on famously.