AET Turbos

Specialists in replacement and remanufactured turbos since 1974.

What We’ve Done

  • Website build and regular new features
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
  • Email marketing

The Lowdown

We were first introduced to AET Turbos back in 2012, through One Creative, a Leeds agency we’ve worked closely with on a number of projects. One Creative provided the visual, Woof handled the build.

Since then Woof have provided online marketing services, including SEO, email marketing, social media, content marketing, web development and CRO. Over the last 3 years we’ve massively increased their search visibility, which in turn increased their monthly visits by over 360%! We used social advertising to build them a massive 50,000 Facebook following.

We added multiple CTAs (calls to action) to the site to increase enquiries, and have run split tests to improve conversion rates.

AET organic search growth

Increased Organic Search Traffic by 2400%

Using a combination of content marketing and SEO, we’ve increased the number of visits from Google alone by 2400% over the past 3 years. In the interests of privacy we won’t reveal the exact numbers of visits, but we’re in the tens of thousands.

AET Call Tracking

Implemented call tracking for better, more informative data

Though we were increasing the number of people contacting AET through website forms, it became apparent that most of the enquiries came from phone calls. What if those people came from a different sales channel or used different keywords to the ones who enquired via the forms? Implementing call tracking gave us access to a wealth of data on those customers. We’re able to see how those people found us, and zero in on the best activity to attract them.

AET longtail keywords

Increased commercial search traffic by targeting long tail keywords

There’s plenty of traffic to from keywords like ‘turbos’ and ‘replacement turbo’, but most searchers are more specific than that. If you have an Alfa Romeo, you’ll search for ‘replacement alfa romeo turbo’ (or something similar). We created the ‘Find my Turbo’ section of the site to target these customers. This attracts extra search engine visitors in their thousands.

We were introduced to Woof five years ago, when they assisted with our company re-brand and construction of our new-look websites. Since then they have helped develop an effective online strategy as a whole; improving SEO and content marketing to ensure that our brand is at the fore. More recently they have worked alongside us in the design and build of two commercial shopping sites.

Gareth and Dave are honest, approachable and down to earth and are able to convey ideas and interpret results in layman’s terms; a very valuable trait for a non-tekkie such as myself! We consider them to be valued members of our marketing team rather than mere third party suppliers, who take the trouble to understand our business and add their in-depth online marketing skills and expertise to our company’s mix.

Emma Sykes

AET Turbos