Imagine your website as an automated lead generating machine

Web Design & Build

A website with traffic and lead generation at its core

You don’t just need a pretty website. A web design project is about sales and marketing. Performance is the goal! As such your website should attract customers, develop their trust, generate a flood of enquiries and make you more money.

We create simple, content-focused, conversion-optimised websites, designed to generate enquiries, phone calls and form fill-ins. We’re fanatical about measuring and improving each of those Key Performance Indicators.

We have over 10 years’ experience in web design and production, that have done the business for companies like yours. Would you like to work with us?

What’s your objective?

It’s a question many web designers forget to ask.

What do you want? More enquiries from the right people? Reduced time and costs? We won’t even think about design till we understand your marketing and business objectives.

Every aspect of the site will be created to fulfil your goals and please your customers. We’re obsessed with simplicity, an amazing user experience, conversion, speed and visual appeal.

We don’t reinvent the wheel. We know what works. And we’ll do it for your business too.

Web design objectives

Not everyone is ready to buy

Many web designers don’t understand that not all visitors are ready to buy. Your Woof website will be carefully designed to maximise all stages of your customer’s journey…

  • Attracting the right prospects.
  • Persuading them to trust you.
  • Encouraging them to enquire.
  • Converting them to a sale and then…
  • Turning them into fans of your business who’ll do your marketing for you.

We plan to succeed

We’re not interested in pretty portfolio pieces. While our websites look great, they’re built on solid strategic planning.

We’ll employ cutting edge search engine keyword research, site structure and analysis of your competitors, ensuring an online platform primed for growing your business.

Responsive design that looks good and works well everywhere

Your customers are using mobile devices to find your website. It’s essential it looks good on all size screens and devices. Relax—we have that covered.

Whether your visitors use mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops, they’ll find your website easy to read and easy to use. Happy customers = eager buyers.

What’s more, search engines love mobile-optimised websites like yours too.

Responsive web design

The details that everyone forgets

We’ve audited a lot of other people’s websites. 99.9% of them were missing crucial SEO and marketing elements…

With a Woof website, no-one will need to mop up the mess afterwards. We cover the details that we see missed time and again.

Sleep easy at night knowing that the important technical stuff is all taken care of.

Easier, faster, better value

Your Woof website will be built on WordPress. It’s an open source content management system that has been around since 2003. Since then it has gone through hundreds of iterations and has been tested by millions, to become the robust, polished software that it is today. You’ll find your new website ridiculously easy to edit and manage.

We use WordPress in such a way that we can build new features, layouts, landing pages and offers really quickly, for a fraction of the costs you might have seen from other agencies. This is because the setup we use is highly flexible. Where they would have to build new templates for each and every design variation, we simply drag-and-drop! Our goal is to make the process of improving your website, as efficient as can be.

Advantage: you get your new ideas, landing pages and offers out to your customers quicker and at a lower cost.

Website performance

Constant business growth

A Woof website isn’t a big budget ‘one-time’ project. It’s the start of a continuing journey of ever-increasing traffic and conversion.

Our growth-obsessed mantra is “launch fast and test often”. Our sites are very easy to constantly tweak, test, optimise and add new features to. Bye-bye to hefty developer bills every time you want to change something.

Split-testing is built in to our sites. There’s no excuse to always be testing small changes to your site to increase enquiries. Incremental wins = huge results over time.

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